Organ Den Studio
Specializing in Vintage keyboards


Click below to take an  audio tour of our vintage keys
Soundcraft LX7DAW-Sonar through Pentium loaded with two M-audio Delta 1010 LT's for 16 seperate simultaneous tracks, 2 Zoom R-16's for on location tracking

Sure Beta 52 (2)
Sure SM57 (6)
Sure KSM-27
Audix i5
AKG d40
AKG Perception 150 (2)
AT 2035
AT 3035
Samson CO2 (4)
Behringer b-5 (2)
Sennheiser 609 (3)
MXL 2001 (2)
MXL  r40
Sure PG57 (5)
Sure PG-52 (2)

Mixers: 2 Mackie 24-8s, Mackie 24-4

Drums: Pearl Session Series kit, various hand percussion

Guitar Amps: Silvertone 1334, Gibson Skylark, Epiphone Valve Junior, Vox AC4TVH, Blackstar 1-10 cabinet,

Leslies: 50C (2), 44W, Frankenleslie (homemade especially for guitars-no upper rotor, all tube)

Organs: Hammond CV, M3, L101, C6, Farfisa Combo Compact
Clones: Hammond SK1 & 2, Roland VK09, Crumar Traveler 1, Hammond XK5
Electromechanicals: Rhodes suitcase 73, Wurly 200, Hohner D6
Synths:Roland JX-8P, Korg MS-20, Univox Mini-Korg, Yamaha TX-7, MX61,  Roland Sound Canvas, Casio CZ-101
Electronic (and digital)Piano's: Yamaha CP25, Casio PX110

Vintage Effects: Echoplex, Mutron Phasor II, Crybaby Wah, Steiner MAsters Touch breath Controller, various volume pedals. Also, not vintage, but the Ventilator (THE leslie simulator), Stryman El Capistan
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